Workshops-Tammy S. Mady

Tammy S. Mady


Zumba Kids Program
Recently certified as a Zumba instructor, Tammy is launching a "Zumba Kids 6 session program" for schools and community groups.  Children from 3 - 13 years can participate, gaining fitness through a variety of fun, Latin and Hip Hop dance styles. Alternatively, Tammy can customize workshops to suit your needs - a birthday party, a classroom experience, a fun activity for an afterschool program. If you are interested in bringing this program to your group, contact Tammy or connect through the Onsite Education website

Music Development - Singing Workshops

        If you can talk, you can sing!  No longer let your students say, "I can't" because Tammy will show them that they can.  Using original music created by her daughter, Alyssa Tess, Tammy will take your class through a series of exercises and activities that will get them comfortable and capable with singing.  Once again, teaming up with O.E.I. makes this worskhop affordable for any grade level or class size.

Knights in the Classroom
Tammy works as a presenter at festivals put together by Knights In The Classroom, a program of Onsite Education Inc..
 Knights in the Classroom brings tactile, memorable worshops to schools, including hands on history learning for grades 1 to 8 and stage combat and history workshops for high school students. Knights in the Classroom has also brought fencing, archery and medieval workshops to retirement and nursing homes and summer camps. We bring the fun and learning to you!
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