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Tammy S. Mady

What's new!

Recently certified as a Zumba instructor, Tammy is venturing into a new program - Zumba Kids.

Children ages 3 - 13 years can enjoy the benefit of dance fitness while learning about the culture and history of Latin and international dance.  The Zumba Kids program builds confidence, leadership and strengthens memory skills along with being physically active and having FUN!

Time to ditch the screens and get out there!

If you have questions or a group that may benefit from these sessions, please reach out to Tammy through the contact page.

June 15 - Piper & Drummer duo at Internment in Erin, ON
June 27  - Piping at Commencement in Elmvale, ON
July 1 - Piping and Pirating at Canada Celebrations in Midland and Georgina, ON
July 7 - Welcoming the Pearl Mist Cruise Ships in Midland, ON
July 20  - Piper & Drummer duo at Wedding in North Berkeley, ON
Plus many Knights in the Classroom workshops at Summer camps in Simcoe County.